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Embarking on a Journey Within: Exploring Somatic Breathwork Sessions

January 17, 20243 min read

Breathwork has many layers and encompasses a large spectrum of techniques, from long, slow deep breathing, powerful force breathing, sessions lasting hours and sooo much more. Just google it! (or maybe that is how you found this blog) At Flourish As One we are focused on Somatic Breathwork.

Somatic breathwork at its core is dropping down into the body and becoming aware of what is here for you physically and emotionally.

What is somatic, truly? 

"Soma," originating from the Greek word for body, defines somatic as a body-oriented modality. Not only is it important to understand sensations of the physical body, but also to look at the subjective body and what our relationship is and what it FEELS like to have and be IN OUR body.   

This is where it can get uncomfortable.  In societal upbringing, we often learn to suppress and numb our feelings, deeming them too big or unsafe. As adults, we can expand our capacity to feel, and that's where our support comes in—we aim to guide you towards feeling safe in your truest form.  I understand that this isn't always an easy task.   

This is where I want to help support you through this in your journey. I want you to feel safe being YOU in the truest form.  

Our Offerings: Personalized/Live Experiences

1. Integrative Sessions (30 minutes)

A quick breather or reset for daily life, bringing you into the present moment with a shift in perspectives or energy.

2. Meditative Sessions (60 minutes)

Delve into the unconscious mind, fostering transformational and healing shifts—releasing stuck patterns and reshaping perspectives.

3. Group Sessions (60-75 minutes)

Experience a meditative breath with others, fostering community, deeper connections, and diverse perspectives.

4. Workshops (60-90 minutes)

In-person or online, combining teaching with meditative sessions. Stay tuned for upcoming online workshops. Join our email list now.

All of our sessions will include a run down of what to expect. Blog coming soon with the standards we hold and how we desire to hold space. I will give you a hint… we focus on you and your needs above all else.  

Session Structure: Overview

1. Setting an Intention:

A conversation to define your session's direction, influencing cueing and breath patterns for optimal support. Practicing breath patterns.

2. Setting up the Breath Space:

Create a cozy environment for comfort, ensuring a safe space for your breath session. (usually seated or lying down)

3. Short Drop-in:

Close your eyes and engage in a short drop-in meditation, being present with thoughts, sensations, and natural breath.

4. Active Breathing:

Follow the breath pattern discussed, guided throughout the session to deepen your experience. Cuing and guidance throughout the session may sound like “Breathing in fully down into the belly and moving up into the chest. Feeling the expansion and on the exhale letting go of the breath, feeling it be released out through your mouth. Feel the fall of the belly and chest.”

5. Integration:

Stay in position with closed eyes, allowing the integration of breath and insights into your body's energy shifts. This is my favorite place to just be and allow all of the energy to continue to move through. 

6. Coming Back to the Room:

Gradually transition out of the meditative state and re-enter the room at your own pace.

7. Shares/Discussion:

Allocate time at the end for sharing and questions, providing a space for reflection.

Sessions aim to help release emotional walls with a focus on your needs, fostering self-holding with love and kindness.

Every first session varies, and that's perfect. There's no “right" or “perfect" way to experience it—there's always something to learn, even if it feels like nothing.

Want to try breathwork for yourself?

Try our FREE 3 breaths in 3 days breathwork series here. where you will receive a balancing breath, calming breath and activating breath right to your email.

Want to go deeper?

Sign up for one of our online group or 1:1 breathwork sessions here. We would love to guide you through a powerful breathwork experience based on your intention.

I hope to see you soon!🤍

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Trauma-Informed Somatic Breathwork Facilitator • Embodied Meditation • Subconscious Guide & Space Holder

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