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Instead of looking for answers from outside sources, we imagine healing being accessible to everyone through their body and breath. We envision a true understanding and trust of the body’s own healing abilities through the breath. And by releasing the outer layer of stress and fear, our true authentic selves can shine through.



Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator &

Self-healing Guide

Breathwork has been a huge part of my self-healing journey and has been by my side every step of the way. I have been practicing breath over the last few years and went through Pause Breathwork’s Trauma Informed Breathwork Certification this year.  Channeling my own breath to heal and connect to my body has been so impactful. It brings me so much joy to be able to now bring this modality to my community to help support others with their growth and healing. My desire in bringing this to you is to hold a space rooted in acceptance, safety, and love so you feel like you can bring your whole self every time. I look forward to supporting you through your journey with your own unique intention.  Outside of breathwork, I love continuing to learn about all things healing and growth. I am also passionate about gardening in my backyard and enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids. Can’t wait to connect soon!



Breathwork Facilitator &

Reiki Healer

I have always been very interested in health and wellness. I have a strong love of learning and desire to help others. I am a pediatric occupational therapist, functional medicine health coach, reiki healer (level II) and breathwork facilitator. When things became too overwhelming with my two medical children, I realized there had to be more I could do to heal from the trauma that was making me feel stuck in fear. After my first experience with breathwork, I was completely in awe. I never knew the breath held so much power! My biggest take away was that by feeling and giving my emotions space to be heard and seen, they are able to move out of my body, allowing space for the truth and a deep love for myself. I am so incredibly excited to share the magical healing power of the breath with you.

what people are saying

Client Love

"Erin has such a calming cadence to her voice, which allowed me to relax into my breathing. I never knew how much our breathing can truly destress our bodies. I learned how to breathe deep and with intention.

Thank you, Erin!"

Kerry D.

"I loved Katie's voice and energy. I definitely felt a motherly, soft, gentle, yet rooted vibe that was oh-so soothing. I felt held and safe, instantly. You have a gift of "dropping in" and exude such confidence and groundedness. Getting to start my day in this way was fantastic. Thank you, Katie!"

Aimee S.

"I had a breath work session with Erin and found it to be relaxing and healing. I was able to let go of the tension that I came in with, really connect with my breath and body and feel peaceful. She was very effective in guiding me in the specifics of each type of breath in order to facilitate the deepest experience possible based on my intention for the session. It was quite lovely and now my husband is interested in trying it after I spoke of my experience!"

Denise M.

"Katie’s energy is very grounding and provides a deep sense of containment as you go through the waves of a breathwork journey. Every session I got to experience with her had me feeling seen and heard without any fear of being judged - which is such a blessing in itself. After each session I felt a deep connection with my inner world which then gave me more confidence showing up in the external world. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with such a loving being and I know the effects of the work I’ve put in are going to continue paying off for years to come.

Absolutely priceless."

Teaghan H.



Group Breathwork

Monday, April 15th

7:00-8:00 pm est

Online with Erin


Wednesday, April 24th- SOLD OUT

6:15-7:30 pm est

Breathwork & Reiki Workshop

Meditation Studio- Elizabethtown, PA


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