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Connecting Within

March 06, 20244 min read

Everyone has a different threshold for connecting inward and listening to their body. While most of us focus on obvious urges like hunger or the need to use the bathroom, there are quieter insights beneath the surface.

Before my healing journey, I didn't even know my body spoke to me in this way. I just lived my life in my head, and the fast pace of society never allowed me to connect with my own pace. I would wake up and do the same thing over and over again, not realizing there was more to this life.

When you close your eyes and attempt to be still, it can be challenging and overwhelming, or it can feel like "nothing" is happening. If you've never done it before, various distractions may arise, especially if you have a racing mind or you've been suppressing trauma or other unresolved issues. Sometimes, it's easier to remain numb than to confront these inner conflicts, fearing they won't be acknowledged or addressed.

When I embarked on this journey, I felt lost when asked how I actually feel. I was able to sense some physical sensations or easy emotions first, but through learning and listening, it became easier to discern what my body was trying to tell me. People have many ways this information can come through, like visualizations, physical sensations, or even seeing colors. Each person's experience is unique.

For weeks at the beginning, when I closed my eyes two things happened either: my mind racing uncontrollably, or feeling nothing inside. It was like being in a blank white room with nothing coming in or out. This was a brilliant coping mechanism for me. If you don't know, then "they" can be mad or judge you. If you don't have a voice, you will be liked are the stories that I told myself for years. Staying neutral meant safety! Beautiful job, little Katie, but as adult Katie, that was becoming a problem. I didn't know how to be truly me. It was frustrating for others around me when I never had an opinion or couldn't give an answer. As I built that connection and trust, the relationship started to open bit by bit. I got to feel more like me, express myself, and discover my values and truths.

What I have learned to be true, the goal or outcome of reconnecting with our bodies is to rebuild the neglected relationship we've pushed down for years. This process unfolds gradually as we learn how to express ourselves, identify our needs, and attune to our feelings on a daily basis. Doing this was frustrating and confusing to start. I would hear coaches and experts say to peers in my programs, "You are so self-aware, you can track so well, wow, you really know what you need," and I felt lost. I didn't realize it's a long game and a journey of building a relationship. I wanted the quick fix, the magic key.

Breathwork serves as a vital tool in gaining clarity around our needs and emotions. Many find traditional meditation daunting due to racing thoughts, but breathwork offers an active form of meditation, guiding us out of our minds and into our bodies.

My favorite way to quickly connect and rebuild that relationship with myself is to pause and breathe.

breathwork, stress,

Breathwork is the act of using our breath intentionally, and when we bring in the somatic element, we are connecting to the sensations or feelings. I like to place one hand on my heart and the other on my belly, taking a nice full, deep breath in through the nose, down into the belly, filling up to the chest, and exhaling out through the mouth until all the air is released. Continuing this breath as long as needed. Feeling your energy and muscles relax as the breath continues to flow. Remain open to see what is present today. Maybe today there is sadness and tomorrow there will be joy. An infinite number of things can show up, but the key is to welcome them and see what is here without judgment. Awareness is the first step. So if we can be aware of what is present and nothing more, the micro shifts are already happening.

Navigating this transition can feel unfamiliar, but allowing our breath to gently guide us can help unlock trapped emotions, traumas, and unmet needs, creating space for a brighter future unchained from the patterns and stories of our past. By bringing in a sense of inner awareness, we open ourselves to more of what surrounds us, welcoming the warmth of the sun on our skin and simplifying life as much as possible. Through this connection to our bodies' needs, desires, and sensations, we free up space for the good to come in.

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